#Black History Month: “Bayard Rustin” All Round Activist, Leader, and Supporter

I honestly don’t know where to start because this man did so much in his lifetime. Bayard Rustin had many accomplishments in his life. He worked next to Martin Luther King Jr, helped organize freedom rides, made many speeches, fought for the black communities and so much more. He was raised by his grandparents and was the ninth of twelve siblings. Raised by well off grandparents (wealthy), he went to college and worked to help the black community. It wasn’t easy either because he was a gay man and that was seen a negative thing back then. He was apart of so many projects, you’d think he was the main man around. He helped people who were getting accused of unbelieve things such as the “Scottsboro Boys”. The Scottsboro Boys were nine black boys who were accused of raping two white women in Alabama. It’s ridiculous of what they would accuse people of back then just because of their color.

Due to his sexuality, it closed many doors for him but that just made him more strong. Nothing ever kept him down which showed how much of a human he was. He fought for human rights from every angle. They tried to hit him where it hurts. He was arrested for having sex with another man in his car which he was sentenced to 60 days. You know, usually you would get a ticket but being black and gay at that time was worse. I swear those white people didn’t have anything better to do. All they wanted to do was focus on the negative. He was also beaten because he didn’t want to sit at the back of the bus. He refused because he wanted to show that it’s not right. They had it out for him and that is how he got outed in his career. It was not by choice which is sad. He always said that sexuality is private and that is true. It was none of their business but they always make it their business. Nosey white people is what they are. The most insane part is how he got with his partner. There was no such thing as gay marriage so he had to legally adopt his partner into his family. Woah! That is so sad and heartbreaking. How can people be so inhumane to another human. This just makes you hate humans or better yet, white people back then.

Bayard Rustin had a major impact on the civil rights movement which is why there was so much progress. He helped people get jobs, fought for desegregated buildings, etc. He even helped foreign citizens get their rights. In 1980, he gave a speech for gay rights where he explained black gays. This was a powerful man and because of it, he was awarded with the most prestigious award. After his death, Ronald Regan gave his respects and talked about the impact he had on everything. In 2013, Barack Obama honored him with the Medal of Freedom. Only the best of the best get those. It was well deserved and this man sure did make a huge impact. Bayard Rustin is a leader, speaker, human of all humans and he will be greatly remembered. He make us black people look great which we are.

Bayard Rustin with Martin Luther King Jr


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