Why Don’t White People Want Black People To Succeed

We talk so much about racism between white and black people the most because those are the two groups with the most history and the most hatred. Not even just white people but other countries have issues with black people. I’m not surprised due to the fact that they are white. I’m not saying everyone is racist but they are around. I’m gonna save that for another post because it’s a lot. Today I am focusing on white people because there is always news on them. None of this is new to any of us because it has been going on for so long. I am talking about hate. On that note, a black ballerina named “Chloé Lopes Gomes” told the news how racism these academy’s really are. Specifically “Berlin staatsballett”.

From lightning skin to changing hair, they always want to change someone. The whole point of talent is to show it but there will always be people who want to change you. She was forced to wear white makeup for her performances in 2018 because of her skin color. I don’t know why but I feel like the teacher is someone from dance moms. I didn’t know that they had race problems in ballet schools. This is just another sign of ignorance and it should be handled. Why can’t they let people do what they love without prejudice. These academy’s make you feel like you are nothing if you don’t follow the rules and that’s not ok.

Story: Black dancer calls out racism in ‘elitist’ European ballet world (nbcnews.com)

This whole thing of white people not wanting black people to be successful is true. You can look at the news and the stats. Black people make up only a small percent of the wealth in America compared to white people. I’m talking around 2-3%. Why do you think that is? The reason is because white people are the dominant race and they don’t want no one else above them. We only make up 13% while white people make up around 60.7%. They overpower us by a lot but that don’t stop us from working hard. Due to the struggles we face, we have to work extra hard to get things done and to be heard.

Looking back in history, blacks weren’t allowed to go to public colleges for a while (a long time). They had to work extra hard to change things just to get an education. People had to fight for their success and freedom. I don’t care what you say, no one works harder than black people. Every time a black person wanted change, a white person would end it. They don’t want us to be successful because they think we will overpower them and change everything.


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