China Racist Acts With Black Face

I am starting to get really pissed off with all the mocking. We already deal with white people and now they throw this in the mix. This isn’t new, and the same thing happened in 2018 when a popular Chinese TV show showed people dressed up with black faces looking like monkeys. This time, they were dressed up in African tribal clothing with black faces. They were doing or trying to do African dances for their Chinese New Year. First of all, what does that have to do with their holiday? You don’t see black people making fun of them by barely opening our eyes with white powder on our faces. We can easily make fun of them as well but we are above them.

This country isn’t the best like they think they are. They are racist to their own ethnicity, they try to change people, they are depressed, their controlling and they eat just about everything. These little dumb bits they try to do just makes them look bad. They try to mimic us but it doesn’t work. They see us as loud and dirty and we see them as weird, weirdos, and weird. No offense but offense. They tried to hide it by saying they were honoring us but they are liars. The same thing happened in South Korea years ago. They do a lot of variety shows and they were also doing the black face bit. They used red lipstick to express big lips, black paint for the skin, and black nappy wigs. Once again, you don’t see us using white powder for skin, closing our lips because they have smaller lips, and drawing big faces. I can keep going because there is so much. They made fun of us but they get surgery to look like others.

Chinese producers call it respect but we call it disrespect. It’s the same way when someone who isn’t Chinese wear a traditional Chinese outfit. They call it disrespectful. This holiday had nothing to do with us, so why did they need to express it. I didn’t wanna bring this up but after all the controversies with the coronavirus, they were the last people I wanted to see mocking us. When will they learn that they should just worry about themselves. Looking at the pictures, they made me even more mad. They literally put on so much to look like black people. They should be put to shame because it’s not funny, it’s ignorant.

Story: Racism row: China state TV under fire over blackface stunt | News | DW | 12.02.2021

China’s representation of black people for Chinese New Year

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