#Black History Month: Godmother of Women’s Rights “Dorothy Height”

Dorothy Height learned the hard way at a young age about race. She was smart an wanted to major in psychology. The only thing I hate about the days back then is that race played the dominant role. She was accepted to Barnard College but got denied because of her skin color. Not even just that, they were only accepting 2 black students a year. Talk about ignorance. I wonder how those people feel after everything changed. Back then, white people didn’t care if colored people were smart, they just wanted to judge. Eventually she made it and got her master’s in educational psychology at another school.

Her work for helping African American women went a long way. She was the President of the National Council of Negro Women for over forty years. She raised racial awareness for African women all over. She had many awards and medals dedicated to her work. She was also inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. This woman was a true activist. She passed away in 2010 and Obama delivered the eulogy. After her death, they had the post office in Washington D.C named after her. She was the only African American woman to have a federal building named after her in Washington D.C. She wasn’t named the “godmother of women’s rights” for no reason and she will be truly missed,

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