#Valentines Day Online Dating

Love is in the air right? Other than covid being in the air, it’s valentines day. My day has already started bad because I had an allergic reaction and my face got swollen. That is why I don’t care today. Other that that, love is different this year. You have a lot of people doing online dating because it’s hard to meet people nowadays. They advertise all of these dating sites for you to try, to find that perfect love. Finding love is such a good thing I assume but can you trust a dating site? There are a lot of weird creepy people on these dating sites so you have to be careful. They show the commercials where people go on dates through these dating sites and it’s cute but it’s unrealistic. I don’t know if it’s just me but I don’t trust dating sites or apps.

I am the type of person who would try something but then give up if I don’t like it (lol). I tried the eHarmony app because I was curious but I got creeped out after looking at someone’s profile and gave up. I was also thinking of why I was doing this which was funny. I also have the tinder app but you can really find creeps on there. I personally wouldn’t trust tinder unless you know the person but that doesn’t make sense either. Tinder only scares me because I have heard scary stories. Dating sites in general scare me because you can easily get catfished or kidnapped. I have a friend who was talking to a man on tinder and he looked about 40 which is a red flag if you are a young person. I don’t know what it was but it is so weird to me if I see someone on campus and then see them on tinder (lol). I don’t know why I feel this because everyone uses tinder. I looked at people on tinder in Atlanta during Christmas and let me tell you something… The guys in Atlanta Georgia are on another level. No offense to anyone but there are good looking guys everywhere. Even though they were hot, you can never be to sure.

If your gonna do online dating, just be safe. There are weirdos everywhere and they are probably near you. I am not trying to scare you but always be aware. Happy valentines day!


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