#Black History Month: Civil Rights Fighter (literally) “Annie Lee Cooper”

The best times in history were when people fought for what is right. It was bad and scary back then which showed that they really had to fight. This woman stood up for herself after being assaulted just for trying to vote. A sheriff told her to leave the area and then grabbed her by the neck. First of all that is crazy. Men weren’t shit back then, to even put their hands on a woman. A white man at that. She was 54 years old. I still can’t believe these things happened. She did what anyone else would do and that is to turn around and hit his white ass (no offense) in the jaw. They then wrestled her to the ground and then proceeded to beat her multiple times. After all that, she was charged with a criminal offense. What! This was during the 60’s and I believe Alabama didn’t give blacks the rights to vote then. The hate was real.

She was from Selma, Alabama and every city in that state was horrible back then. These racist sheriffs were gonna charge her with attempted murder which is dumb. All she did was stand up for herself. If anything, they should be charged with battery, attempted murder, and assault. I swear the police badge meant nothing back then and barely now. She then went on to get her rights to vote in her state. All she was doing was trying to vote and take care of her mother. Theses white people were so evil back then. There isn’t even enough words to describe the disgust I have for what happened back then. History speaks for itself. She passed away at the age of 100 and boy did she live a long life. He mother died at the age of 106 which showed how strong they both were. Any activist is a leader in my book. They stand up for what is wrong and don’t care about the consequences. They are very strong and “Annie Lee Cooper” will be missed.

There was a movie made called “Selma” to show what happened in Montgomery Alabama for the voting rights led by Martin Luther King Jr. Orpah played Annie Lee Cooper.


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