#Black History Month: First Black Military General “Benjamin O. Davis Sr”

As we continue with our celebration of the great black people, we are now on our 12th person. Benjamin Davis was the first black man to serve in the military to become a general. I don’t know much about the military but I do know that being the first anything is an achievement. Just like everyone else, he was racially profiled by the white people. In the military, he ate alone and never had a roommate because the white people wanted him out. Funny how things turned out the opposite of what they wanted. He got determined to be the best and became the best. It’s crazy what the silent treatment does to someone. I swear sometimes I just keep getting pissed off after reading what these people went through. They were treated so badly and still is in most places. What makes a human better than another? He conquered and reached the top to become a general. He is a leader and he will forever be remembered.

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