#Black History Month: First Black Doctor “Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler”

This woman became a doctor during the scary parts of history. I am talking about the late 1800’s when there was full on slavery. How did she do it? During this time, many blacks weren’t allowed to go to medical school but she was accepted with the others. Let me repeat that this was during slavery and sexism so it wasn’t easy for her. I would be afraid to even attempt to go down this route during that time but that is why she is in the history books. Her goal was to provide medical care for freed slaves. To help the people who never get helped because the color of their skin.

Rebecca Lee Crumpler was the first black female doctor and she also was the first black woman to graduate from a medical school. She was also the first black female physician author and went on to write the book “A book of Medical Discourses”. A lot of firsts which is achieving. She was obviously very smart during her time which is why she became a doctor. She studied in Boston but when you have positives, the negatives come in. As a physician she experienced a lot of things during her practice. She experienced “intense racism” and “sexism” during her practice. I can only imagine what she went through. The male doctors did not have any respect for her. They didn’t approve of any prescriptions she gave out and they never listened to any of her medical ideas. They treated her so wrong because she was a colored woman. Talk about disgust. That didn’t stop her though.

Every time I hear about the racism back then, I get so annoyed. I just don’t know how any of the black people did it. They were put through so much while also trying to change things. It shows just how strong black people are. She was the first black doctor and she paved the way for other black women in the field. She was an inspiration and she will forever be remembered. Anyone who stands up against a man is an inspiration in my book.


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