Leaving Your College Dorm Is Like Leaving A Safe Bunker During The Apocalypse

Covid isn’t going anywhere anytime soon but we still have school and we are still on campus. A lot of campuses are safe or they all should be safe. My campus is safe for the most part but I don’t take a chance of catching anything. We have school face/neck masks to cover our faces but you still can’t be sure. People are still catching covid and some are catching it without during anything. We do need to remember that this is an airborne virus so you need to limit your time outdoors. If you stay on campus, the safest place your dorm room or your housing option. This is where you are the most comfortable. You have food, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer or cleansers which is your safe place.

Every time you leave your dorm, you are exposing yourself to the unseen virus that has infected hundreds of millions and killed millions. How scary! Even leaving my dorm to do laundry is scary because so many people touch those machines. When I do laundry, I never take the elevator because I don’t feel safe. I actually never use the elevator. I even took the stairs while moving in. The only thing you have to do is avoid touching the railings. It’s a whole system that most people forget about. Thank god for the touchless hand sanitizers on the walls throughout the buildings. Never forget that covid is outside.

Another problem that can mess up your safety option is if you have a roommate. I will talk more about this in another post. If you have people coming in and out all day, they are putting you at risk. I think that is the scariest part of school right now. You don’t know where people go. In college, people go home on the weekend and comeback before Monday, so you never know what they have done. You need to be safe at all times so never let a roommate get too close to you. This is also very important if you have public bathrooms. Your life is too important to get taken away.

It’s better to be safe and sorry than not safe. Another scary part is that many people stay outside all day. I know that we have to keep living but it’s not worth it yet. I don’t know how people are going out everyday. I limit my time outside to almost none because we have death out there. I have zoom classes and the only time I go outside is when I go to the gym (safely), get food, get my mail or visit the library. I don’t wear the school masks anymore either because I got better masks now. I use the kn95 masks which has a respirator. Stay safe because it’s an apocalypse outside.

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