#Black History Month: Beauty & Brains”Jane Bolin”

Talk about leading with judgement. Did you get it? Judgement because she is a judge (lol). It was good but we are talking about the first black female judge “Jane Bolin”. Not only did this woman make history as the first black female judge, but she was also the first black woman to attend “Yale Law School”. Wow! She was also on the board of the NAACP. She did a lot while making history. It sounds so good when someone becomes the first anything. Being a judge is a big deal and especially during her lifetime. This was during full on racists, segregation times, so it was a huge deal. I respect her even more because of it. The fact that these great pioneers broke down barriers while also trying to fight for black rights shows just how dedicated they were.

Having a great education showed people that she wasn’t gonna give up until she reached her goal. She was really beautiful by the way but she looks a little like “Rosa Parks” to me or should I say Rosa Parks looks like her. I said that because Rosa Parks is younger by 5 years. They are both beautiful and both are great. Jane Bolin inspired people and lead the way for every colored judge. She never gave up no matter what obstacle came her way. She was a great inspiration and will be remembered for her beauty, brains, and leadership. She is truly a great one.

*** FILE *** Judge Jane Bolin shown at her home in New York, NY after she was sworn in as a family court judge on July 22, 1939. Jane Bolin, the nation’s first black female judge and the first black woman to graduate from Yale Law School, has died. She was 98. Bolin’s family contacted the New York City Bar Association on Thursday Jan. 11, 2007 for help arranging a memorial, spokesman Matthew Kovary said.(AP Photo/FILE)


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