#Black History Month: Refused To Give Up Her Seat Before Rosa Parks, “Claudette Colvin”

Claudette Colvin was a nurse but she did something that no one really talks about. History talks about the powerful Rosa Parks and they should because the situation was so life changing but Claudette also refused to give up her seat at the age of 15 years old. Why did she go unnoticed? People know what she did but she was a pregnant at 15 years old and didn’t want to get up. This happened in Alabama which is the same place as Rosa Parks. She went unnoticed because she was a young pregnant teenager and I don’t understand how that could change anything. The problem was that she was impregnated by a married man which is a story. I guess they didn’t want to start a problem which it would. This basically answered my question (lol). I find it so crazy that this happened before Rosa Parks because they still act like she was the first one who refused her seat. I am not putting down the famous Rosa Parks. Even though it’s written in Claudette bio on the internet, they still don’t talk about but they should. . Claudette Colvin is still alive at the age of 81. She is a Virgo just like me and she deserves to be on this list.


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