When Vegans Feel Light Headed

If you or someone else becomes light headed, then something is obviously wrong. If you don’t eat certain foods then you have to take supplements to give you what you are missing. It’s different for everyone except those who stopped eating meat. When you stop eating meat, you stop a lot of vitamins flowing in your body. Without those vitamins or supplements you can have many problems. The most popular problem is becoming light headed. I know this from experience and it was bad because I was also on my cycle so I was about to pass out.

The most common vitamin needed for non meat eaters is B-12. Even though this is necessary for people who don’t eat meat, a lot of people actually need B-12. I just recently started taking B-12 vitamins and I was late. I stopped eating meat at the beginning of last year so I got through it some way. I wasn’t taking the vitamin but I ate a lot of meat substitutes and a lot of tofu (lol). Before the vitamins, I lost my breath a lot when I took the stairs. I go to the gym and also lost breath fast. I thought it was normal but I researched a lot and found out that I was missing a certain vitamin.

I am not lying when I say that I almost passed out one time out so I slept for a while. Now I take my vitamins and try to go to the gym. I learned my lesson and I will make sure I have everything I need so it doesn’t happen again.

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