#Valentine’s Day Month: Single And Not Loving It

Last year, I made a post talking about how being single on valentines day was a gift (lol). I was happy and wasn’t ashamed. There is nothing wrong with being single on valentines day. Especially if you knew the real disturbing story behind the holiday, but were not talking about that. I talked about being single and happy on valentine’s day last year which I will leave the link to below. There is nothing wrong with being single, I just don’t wanna be. There comes a time when you get sick of being single so now you have to come up with a different plan.

I am turning 23 years old and I am 7 years away from 30. It sounds funny when I put it that way but I am almost 25 which means that I need to hop on it (no pun intended or is it). I need to hop on the dating train but it’s not easy. Especially because of covid. Those who have relationships are lucky because they have one another during a rough time. It just makes us look bad and lonelier than we already are (sobbs quietly). Why do we make valentines day so important? People talk about you if you don’t have a valentine, they talk about you if you do have one. Maybe it’s just a mind thing.

I know I sound like a jealous fool and I might be but it’s whatever the future holds. Maybe I have been watching too many love movies because I feel like i’m going man crazed. I see some good looking guys her but many don’t come out because of covid (lol). It sounds like i’m looking for a pet which is hilarious. I will be ok but I will also be letting out my frustrations with all my single valentine’s posts leading up to the holiday. I have a lot to let out.

Story: https://unlistid.com/2020/02/14/single-on-valentines-day/


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