Effects Of Stopping Birth Control

I started using birth control at the end my Atlanta trip and everything was going great until it wasn’t. I started using birth control to stop my period cycles. I had heavy periods before and it was so stressful. My cycle lasts between 5-6 days which is too long so I had to do something. After taking birth control, I immediately felt better because my cycle was coming up and it never came. I am a newbie to birth control but I am starting to hate it and I will explain why.

Their are positives for birth control such as no periods, and pregnancy prevention but the are way more negatives. I am talking about weight gain, nausea, light periods or spotting, breast tenderness and more. I was spotting lightly so I wore a pad until it stopped. It went away one day and started again the next day so I just kept a pad on obviously. It lasted a couple of days so I did what anyone else would do and that was to look it up on the internet (lol). They said it’s normal for a couple of days but then I was bleeding more. I thought it was because I started taking the pills before my period started.

Some people said to stop taking the pills for a week or until the blood stops, so that is what I did. So much happened in one week of getting off the pill. I was full on bleeding as if I was on my period. I was on so heavy with many blood clots. I can’t believe what happened and I wished I had never taken them. What happened to me was called “withdrawl bleeding” and it usually last between 2-4 weeks after stopping birth control. I was complaining but mine only lasted a week in a half (lol). I was complaining so much that I purchased two pack of pads just in case. That was because I had a horrible accident one night and it was just too much. Any woman knows what I am talking about but this accident was different. Lets just say, I ran to the bathroom, hopped in the shower and had to clean a lot (gross I know!).

My bleeding finally stopped yesterday so I feel a lot better. I heard that my period won’t be normal up until 3 months but I plan on getting back on birth control once it comes in the mail. I ordered my birth control from a licensed professional OBGYN. At least I know now because before I thought it was just my body. This happens to probably everyone but I hated it because I thought birth control was suppose to stop periods all together. At least I know now.

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