#Black History Month: Singer, Actress, Broadway Star, Television Host “Ethel Waters”

Have you ever heard of the people who can do it all? Ethel Waters was a beautiful jazz and pop singer from the 20’s. She starred in Broadway musicals, movies, and was known for her television show “The Ethel Waters Show”. She was the first African American to have her own television show, so she was breaking barriers early. She had a rough upcoming but she managed to pull herself together to follow her dreams. At one time, she was the highest paid performer on Broadway. She won many awards, were nominated for Emmy’s and even had three songs in the Grammy Hall of Fame. Talk about achieving your dreams.

She is an inspiration for people in that field, especially for women of color. To do all she has done, in the time period she was in, was an achievement itself. People of color had to work extra hard to get things done back then but people saw the passion. Ethel Waters had a passion and she broke barriers for women. She deserves to be honored just like everyone else and she will be remembered.


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