The Conspiracy Of The Russian Doctor: Accident Or Murder

I had the feeling when I heard the doctor was on the case. The case of the poisoning of Alexei Navalny was so big in Russia because it happened out of nowhere by you know who. Once he was taken to the hospital, there was a doctor named “Sergey Maximishin”. This is just like when the North Korean leader was in the hospital and I was scared for that doctor. If he would have died, they most likely would have killed that doctor. If Vladimir Putin had Alexei Navalny poisoned, he obviously wanted him dead. The doctor who worked on Alexei said that there was a possibility of foul play. He saw him which means he knows the most. Surprisingly Alexei survived the poisoning which brought fear because no one knows who did it but at the same time, we know. What does that mean for that doctor? If I had to guess, it means that he fixed his patient and someone is mad about that.


They didn’t say how he died which means it’s a secret. There are secrets all through Russia right now. It’s just my thought but I think someone in the higher ups had him killed because her knew the most. Even though he said that he wouldn’t rule out foul play, he still didn’t say anything else. It’s almost like he was afraid. What is going on? How did he die? They always try to shut someone up to protect themselves but it’s just a theory, or is it.


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