#Black History Month: The Real Black Panthers

The month of February is for remembrance which is why I wanted to talk about the black panthers. They were made to look like criminals by the FBI in the late 60’s but there was more to it. The group was formed after the killing of Malcolm X and an unarmed teenager who was killed by the police (sounds familiar). They thought what most of us would say which is “if they won’t protect us, we will protect ourselves”. Police brutality has been going on for so long yet nothing as changed. That says a lot about our country.

This group was put together by “Huey Newton”and “Bobby Seale” in 1966. There were about 2,000 members dressed in their black leather jackets, black berets and their Afros. There is a movie coming out this year about it and I am excited to learn more about them because research says there was a lot going on with snitches, FBI, and violence. A lot of members were murdered by police and others. There was a member who was murdered after being suspected of helping the FBI. The FBI made it seem like they were so dangerous but in my eyes, they were just protecting themselves.

Both Huey and Bobby made classes talk more about black history in college and they had their own newspaper. “The Black Panther Newspaper” was ran by a teen member and he was also killed by the police. SO much death yet nothing happened to the police.

The founder Huey Newton was sentenced to two to fifteen years for killing a cop (allegedly). The black panther bookkeeper was found dead, and two more members were killed by the police. They kept saying that this group was a threat to America but it sounded like the real threat was the justice system. Not too much difference from today. This deserves to be noticed more and talked about more because they did a lot. The only thing I would say is that it would have been together a lot longer if everyone’s emotions stayed attached. What I mean by that is that people can get mad easily and I believe they were armed which is why they were named a threat but you can’t get mad. These white groups are heavily armed but nothing happens. They are the real threat to America but of course they go straight to black folks. The irony! This group did a lot and made history. They won’t be forgotten.


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