Evil Never Gives Up Domination: Belarus Protest

I have never been so mad at reading articles and tumblr posts. This is a topic where I say that they should put real stories in the news. I am in the western area and we have our own fights going on but there are by far worse things going on in other places. Take the eastern areas where Belarus is located. The only country I talked about where something horrible was going on in that area was “Poland” with the abortion protest. I don’t even know where to begin with this story. It’s utterly hurtful, disgusting, inhumane and down right evil. Belarus is a known for their sweets and is called the “Lungs of Europe” but we aren’t talking about anything sweet today. I am talking about a country filled with communism and dictatorship. Those people don’t have all their rights and if they think they do then it’s sad.

A population of 5 million people filled with anger and protesting their President “Alexander Lukashenko” who has been in term for 26 years! I had to emphasize that because it’s a long time. They had an election recently and the country hates him, but he won an impressive amount of votes with 80% to 9%. Umm, how? Everyone is saying that the election was rigged and I agree. This sounds like when Trump won with the help of cheating countries (Russia). This man Lukashenko has been it power for over two decades, and people still aren’t happy. He is obviously not listening to his people. I can tell you what he is doing because evil never leaves. He made a system where it looks like everyone votes but it’s just to make the country seem like it is normal. It’s a cover up because he will never leave until he is dead. He just wants power and the bad thing is that he is willing to do whatever it takes. He still isn’t worse than Kim Jong-Un but he is still evil.

The Protest

This protest has been going on for over 8 months and is still going on in 2021. They are fighting for their rights and they aren’t getting them. From the videos and pictures I saw, I am gonna go and say that the government don’t like protesting. Do you know how many protesters were detained? A total that is over 32,000 people. How? They are arresting people for walking. That’s not even the worse part of the protests. The police are obviously given the green light to assault these protesters. I got really sad looking at the pictures. I am pretty sure I saw a dead body lying down in one picture which was probably the aftermath of something horrible. They are beating mothers and children just to make a point. How do they sleep at night? Why isn’t this in the main news? Our news isn’t even all that good so they need to put more stories up. Some stories that are worth looking at. These people are trying to find ways to get their story out so they go to tumblr. That is also very hard because the President in that country cut off their internet! They get through it somehow but that is crazy. So much control. He is going straight to hell!

Who Is Alexander Lukashenko?

I think I need to point out something important first. This was and is the only President that Belarus has had. I found the problem. He don’t want anyone else to rule because he has a order which is where he is and his family will rule. It’s another North Korea people. Read between his lines. His term started July 20, 1994 which was 26 years ago. Talk about a damn ego. Get your ass out of there! He looks a little like Hitler with the mustache and I am getting a theory. I don’t wanna say this but is that what he is going for. The look, the control, the physical and emotional distress. Wow, this man is something else. He is only 66 years old so it looks like he has a lot of time left unless something happens unexpectedly. He was a Belarus politician and served in the army which brings me to my next thought. Why wouldn’t he want change for his country? He is also known as “Europe’s last dictator”. Throw him out because they aren’t wanted.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of countries that have a dictator. They are mostly located in the African, Asian, Eastern Countries. I don’t get the total control they want. That is a psychopathic tendency but it make sense because these people are so evil and only thinks of themselves. It’s disgusting and then they have all of the slaves working for them. The commons (citizens) are just sitting ducks waiting to be killed because nothing is changing. What makes me sick is that Lukashenko calls us Americans dictators. That was Trump, not everyone else thank you very much. He is really making himself believe he is doing the right things. The mind makes you think all certain things. To sum it up, he is a twisted individual who wants to control people. Like I alway say, you reap what you sow. Karma’s a bitch!

Personal Thoughts

That country needs help and those people are stuck while hurting. That country is also known as the “White Russia”. Interesting because I believe they are allies. Russia is basically turning into a dictatorship as well. China too! I guess that was the plan. Trump was trying to control people and it make sense now. All of these leaders had a plan to take over. I can’t even fathom what I said because I am right. They all take out people who try to change something, and they want control. I made a post before where I talked about the blood on the hands of these leaders. You guys should really check it out because it is true. I will link it below. They have a lot of blood glued to them and it will stick with them. Evil, Nasty, Disgusting, Inhumane, Revolting, Stomach Turning Human Beings They Are!

Story: https://unlistid.com/2020/11/30/the-blood-on-the-hands-of-these-leaders/


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