Why Black Students Choose HBCU’s Over A Regular University

An HBCU (Historically Black College and University) is a series of universities that were founded in 1964 during the civil rights movement. This was for the African communities to have something to call their own. These universities were created to give black communities more education opportunities that weren’t given to them before. In regular universities, the ratio of black people are low compared to other races. African Americans are only 12.7% of the population compared to white people which are the dominant race because they have the most percent.

There are a couple of reasons why many student chooses these schools over regular universities. Some are that you can have better education. I say this because black people back then were not given an education so they had to come up with there own. I don’t go to one but I sometimes wish I had. My school is good but they can do more, especially for black history month. I bet these hbcu’s do a lot for black history month. Why wouldn’t they? They were created because of the black history.

Another reason is to have a chance to get more opportunities as a person of color. At a lot of colleges, there aren’t many scholarships you can get but hbcu’s offer a more variety of scholarships. Some are just for a person of color. I love that because I can never find any. I know every college is different but it’s always harder for a person of color. I just believe you can do more at an hbcu. The point is to help these students get the same treatment as other people. Many colleges raise the bar so that not everyone get anything. Its not fair because others need help.

The history of the schools would make me wanna go. I love hearing about history so I bet they have all a lot of famous words posted up. I sound like I really wanna go (lol). Even with all the race stuff going on recently, I just think that these schools treat it differently. My school sent a email talking about unity and how we are all one. They talked about how we don’t accept racism and how we are all family. It was a really nice email but I think they sent it because there are a lot of black people here and they didn’t want any protests here. Remember, a lot of black people were protesting. I was still angry about everything going on in the news as well. This makes me wonder how those hbcu’s treated the situation. Since they are historically black college, I would think they have some problems with this but who knows. There are a lot of good colleges in America but it is cool that they created these universities to get their own education.

Cool Note: The number one hbcu is Spelman College in Atlanta Georgia


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