The Most Racist State In The U.S (Warning)

If there was one place that would never be on my radar to live in or to visit, it would be Oregon. I bet you thought I was gonna say Alabama but that would probably be the second one. Portland, Oregon to be exact is the most racist (my opinion) and this is a big problem. This state is known to have the most white supremacists, skin heads, Pro-Nazis, etc. The state is almost 80% white people so you already have the dominant group.

They have been protesting for a while there over racial issues. You have the Antifa Group rioting and setting everything on fire while others trash things. This group has their own beliefs and one of them is to not have Joe Biden in office. I was surprised but I think they don’t want a white man in office because no one is giving justice to everything that is going on. All of this started after George Floyd death and it still wasn’t justified. Then you had Breonna Taylor who was viciously murdered and nothing happened, so can you blame them.

These protests has been happening everywhere and they are not taking crap from these white people anymore. You can’t even say it’s not a race thing because it is. I can only imagine how it is in Oregon because of the groups down there. I would honestly be scared but I am also curious. They don’t talk about it but I know what’s down there. I watched a documentary on CNN where they talked about how racist that state is and it was scary. I don’t know but seeing the word “skin heads” freaks me out. Do all of these white supremacist groups know one another? I am just curious because I don’t wanna look it up (lol).

(Sean Krajacic/Kenosha News via AP)

I am happy that there are so many protests happening there right now. There are a lot people who support the black community. I still won’t visit.

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