Reality Kicked In And You Got Hit With Everything At Once: You Didn’t Even Realize How Hard It Was

They say that you never know what happens until something happens to you. It’s not for everyone because some people really do take a while to catch on. I cry when I see others cry. It’s a natural human emotion to cry. I cry when I hear sad stories of people because I hate to hear what people have been through. It isn’t fair for them when they didn’t ask to be in that situation. Billions of people are going through things that you would never know.

Covid has made everything worse. The reality is that death is everywhere now and you never know how long you have. We are getting hit with everything everywhere. A lot of people are so numb that they don’t realize what’s going on until it happens. This has a lot to do with people who lose loved ones. Your brain is protecting you from getting hurt. It’s not until a couple of days later you realize what happens. It’s very sad.

I saw this from a man who loss his mother to covid. He was the only child and loss both of his parents and aunt. What is gonna do now? He will continue because he has a lot to live for. When his mother passed, it was bad. You just never would have thought it would be her. It’s not fair but life is crazy and unpredictable. He kept working after her funeral but it never really sunk in until it did. When it happens it’s sad and it hurts bad. He called his daughter crying and she made me cry. That is why you should remember your family. You just never know.


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