Is It Possible That The U.K Covid Treatments Caused The U.K Covid Variant: It’s Getting Worse And It’s Spreading in America

Theories are coming out again and I am all here for it. I am curious once again because new questionable things are appearing again. How is it possible that there is something new out here? The so called U.K variant has started to expand in other places. How did this start in the U.K and get to the U.S? A lot of things aren’t making sense again and I am starting to think again. Thinking is good when things like this happen because it deals with you. What is this? I also hear that it has been found in other countries.

I have my own opinions about this and I love it because it would make sense but it would also be scary. I have two theories. My first theory is that someone purposely let this out. My next theory is that the scientist messed up on something and it got out that way. Maybe they created an airborne situation because it’s in a couple of states now. It doesn’t make sense! I need answers and I want to know why I should be so scared. This could be the second pandemic.

I read that this virus is worse than covid but it’s a lot like covid. I really believe that the scientist messed up because they had a problem before with people getting HIV from their vaccines. You can’t tell me that this couldn’t be right. Especially after hearing that. Why is it that when something bad go wrong, no one wants to take the blame. Everyone gets scared when they ruin something. Take the Chinese when covid came out. They denied and denied until the truth started coming out. They still don’t talk about it but you are dealing with people lives here. They should take that into consideration because it’s a problem. Are these people doing it on purpose?

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