Is It Possible For A Black Person To Be Racist

Consider this topic from a sociologist point of view. There is no such thing as “race” because we were all created but there is a thing called ”hate”. The reason why white people get called racist is because of their actions and words. When a white person judges a person of a color, they immediately go for their skin color or the way they look. You don’t see black people doing that because we don’t think that way. We don’t have the time and energy. I hate to put it that way but it’s true. I know not everyone is racist but a big percent is.

I will explain why black people can’t be racist in my opinion. I immediately go to the history books. Even is you go all the way back to full on slavery, it shows you that black people were put through so much. Going a little further to segregation, they were unwanted in white communities, schools, and stores. This made black people create their own things. A little further to black people getting thrown out of their communities because white people didn’t want Negros around. I can go on and on but history speaks louder than words.

Even today, you have the so call skin heads, KKK, white supremacists, Pro Nazis all living in this country. The fact that they are still here says a lot. The fact that they aren’t arrested because of their history says a lot. White people are called racists because of their actions and words. A great example is when someone wants to be bold and say the “N” word. Not just that word but they say it in a way that was said back in the day. The offensive N word that has the ending “er”. You are really bold if you say that out loud because it wouldn’t work in a lot of these black communities. Black people say it because it’s apart of OUR history,not theirs. Even if it’s in a song, a white person gets hate if they sing it. You know why, because of history. By the way black people don’t use the offensive ending “er”, we use the ending “a”. There is a huge difference.

“Black people can’ be racist because we weren’t given the chance to be”


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