Is Covid Real: Thoughts On The Anti-Vaccination Protest

At this point protests are just popping up everywhere. These people who are anti-vaccination also believe covid is fake. I can see why people protest the vaccines but to say covid is fake is another thing. I don’t understand why people are saying covid is not real. One thing I hate is to turn down a good theory so I won’t disagree too much. On one hand you have 100 million humans infected with a virus that is said to be covid. If you don’t believe then you should have a reason.

I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t believe either at first. That was when there weren’t that many cases but I full on believe not. There are too many cases not to believe. Other than that, I am also against vaccination. I am against it because they are not sure. I hear how people have horrible reactions such as allergic reactions, mental breakdowns, suicidal thought, and so much more. These vaccines aren’t even 70% effective. I believe they are around 60 ish percent. That’s not enough to get me on board. I also don’t think you shouldn’t take it if you don’t have covid. They shouldn’t make anyone who doesn’t have covid take the vaccine.

I was happy when they started creating the vaccines but the U.K threw me off when they had issues and had to throw away billion of dollars. I think it was actually in the trillions. People in that country caught HIV after taking the vaccine there. I was like “no”. Just no.

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