Human Misery In A Country That Is Ran By The Unwanted: Alexei Navalny Unlawful Detaining

When you are looking at the news, are you focused on the news in your country or worldwide? When you watch worldwide news or search it up, you will find out that there are things going on in other places as well. If you think you have it bad, you always have to think about what someone else is going through. For example, in Russia there are huge protests going on for a man named “Alexei Navalny”. I talked about him which I will link below…

He was jailed right after getting out of a comma done by you know who. He has been put through so much just because he want things to be different. Over 4000 people were jailed during a huge protest for him to get out. He has sentencing soon and I fear that he will be in prison for a while. Just because Vladimir Putin doesn’t like him. He is trying his best to get rid of him. He was the “one” who everyone accused of the poisoning. Now all of sudden he is arrested for some dumb charges they through together. This is nothing other than Putin’s attempt to not let him run for President.

So many people are rallying behind him and it is going viral. He made a video in a interview while being detained, talking about how he is happy that everyone is fighting this. He even called the judges and lawyers and I quote “slaves”. Wow! Strong words because it’s true. They can’t obviously go against Vladimir but why aren’t they trying to help Navalny. Is this the only President that can run that country. I feel like I live in the country with how I am talking (lol). This is not a country problem, it’s a human problem because we are all human and he is being treated unfairly.


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