Funniest And Worst Part Of Cooking In A College Dorm Room

If you are a college student who likes to eat and cook, then you probably have cooked once in your dorm. Many students use tools like microwaves, mini griddles, mini air fryers, and more in their dorm room. Let me make one thing clear, you are not suppose to have these tools in your dorm which makes it even funnier when things go wrong. Only a few dorms let you have a microwave so you know it’s hard for some people. There are other tools you can use but at the same time not use.

Some of them are mini air fryers, mini griddle, microwave, coffee maker, etc. I have had some stories in the dorm rooms. I never set off an alarm but I have had a lot smoke in my dorm, burning food, and so much more. You can cook but you have to be careful about your surroundings. A lot of students have lame RA’s that actually do their job that check upon you 24/7. My RA doesn’t come around so I get away with a lot of stuff. I also have no one around me, beside me, or in front of me so no one can hear me cook.

When I cook in my dorm, I am very persistent. I try not to make much noise but I can’t say the same for this equipment. The tools have the ding on them so every time I turn anything off it makes a loud ding (lol). It’s not a problem but I hate it. If my R/A was next door then it would be a problem but it’s not the loudest. I also cook things in my mini oven so it gets warm in my room. I try to open a window because it can get a little too warm. My roommate alway says that my food smell good (lol). It’s a gift.

I have a coffee maker and I tried to do a hack I saw but it didn’t work. I tried to cook noodles in my coffee maker but I didn’t clean it good and there were coffee grounds all up in it (lol). I just use the microwave now. I will never use that hack ever again. The coffee maker doesn’t even get that hot. I also have a mini air fryer and that is my best friend. I swear I use it for everything. It’s quiet and a perfect size. I sear I have a whole kitchen in my dorm but it’s better than walking to the first floor kitchen. I don’t have the time because I have to cook my food every day. If they had a kitchen on every floor maybe I wouldn’t have to do this.

My exact mini air fryer


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