Cutting The Cost Of Food On Campus

Meal plans are expensive but what if you don’t have a meal plan. It is possible to get your meal plan off your account or even lowered. I talked about how to get your plan removed, so if you want to know how, just click the link below…

How To Get Your Meal Plan Removed

The best way to save money on your food is to meal prep, setting times, and budgeting. As a college student, you have to find different ways to be more frugal. Frugal is good because campus life is expensive especially if you don’t have the money. If you are cooking your own food, the meal prepping is the best way. You will have more meals for the days of the week and have more food. All you need is food and containers. If you make food and make more of it, you will put them in containers and eat therm for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Setting meal times can also help your cost because you won’t be eating so much. We have a tendency to over eat without realizing it. If you set your meal times, you will be on a schedule and it will help you. This is also a great way to get healthy. It helps because you are eating only at certain times and you stop at a certain time. This is great for meal prepping as well. you can meal prep and set the times you eat,

Lastly, you have budgeting. Basically cheaper food and eating out less. You don’t need to eat out every week. You can save money by buying food in bulk and meal prep. All three of these things can be put together as one to save you money. College is expensive especially if you have a meal plan but for those who don’t have them, they have to come up with cheaper ways to eat. I have learned to meal prep, and eat healthy without a meal plan, so if i can do it, so can you.


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