#Black History Month: “We Are Nonviolent With People Who Are Nonviolent To us” -Malcolm X

I was reading a lot of Malcolm X quotes and wanted to use one of his quotes as a title. I liked this quote because with today’s society, it is fitting but the opposite. We are nonviolent and they are still killing or harming us. You can’t even justify the actions because everyone who was killed illegally was never violent. You also have the most recent thing and that is the nine year old child who was handcuffed and tased. Who does that to a child?

Malcolm X was a real one who stood up for his values. Did you know he had hits out on him by people and also by the FBI. Why? They didn’t like what he was doing. He was forcing change and he was killed. It’s crazy how people who make change always have to die. He was a leader and a great activist. He will never be forgotten. He made his mark just like others have. Someone killed him but they left his legacy for others to follow.

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