#Black History Month: Remembering Cicely Tyson

Today is day one of black history month and I won’t get into how they made this month long holiday on the shortest month of the year. I will be posting something everyday of this month regarding to black history month to show my respect and culture. Every year there are people who say “why do we only celebrate black history”, but we were put through a lot and a lot of great activist have risk their lives for this, so we celebrate. I will be saying a little about the one and only “Cicely Tyson”.

She passed away on January 28th and it was sad at first but you have to remember that she was old. She did so much in her life. she was one if the best actor there is. I felt like I lost a grandmother. A lot of people said this because she acted for so long. Literally acting in her 90’s. Some of my favorite movies she was in were…

Diary of a mad black woman, The help, Sounder, and Fried greet tomatoes

She did many more and TV shows. She was also given an honor medal by Barack Obama during his term in office. She had elegance, beauty and showed what a powerful black woman was. She was an influence to everyone young and old. She will be missed.


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