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A Great Deal: A Impeached Donald Trump

Let me first state that it was about time. I am not a democrat, I am not a republican, I am apart of my own government. One that doesn’t support anything the government does because they make crappy decisions. I say crappy but not this one. There comes a time when everyone has to leave one way or another. Donald Trump should have been gone a long time ago. I am not a Trump supporter nor do I care for them. Well, the mean ones. This was a man that most likely went down in history as the worst POTUS. They say he was impeached twice but you can’t count the first one because he never left and he was still making decisions. Decisions that almost put us in WAR! Decisions that cost more space between other countries. Lets not forget the most famous one, having the Vice President looked up on by Russian Spy’s. That was when they started talking about impeachment. These things are your typical Presidential duties which is why he lost me. I was never with him and I never understood him. He twitter bashes everyone like a teenager and denies everything. This is a child in an old man’s body. Thank god twitter blocked his account.

Mike Pence did not want this impeachment and I am confused. Donald Trump has been doing all of these things towards him and he still wanted to keep this man in office. I know he doesn’t like Trump. He just don’t want Trump supporters to try to harm him. By the way Pence, they were calling your name out there too. They don’t like him anyways. What is his job? To try to become POTUS one day? He really pissed me off by not signing off on this. That is when everyone said forget him, and to do it without him then. Sometimes there are people who are holding you back and he was one of them. Pence is out after this anyways, so bye. Kamala Harris will be a better Vice President. Women rules!

The Capitol Riots was the last straw for everyone at this point, so he had no chance. The fact that he allowed this and basically agreed to what they were doing was all the evidence needed. The fact that he wanted to call in troops to protect his supporters after the damage that they have done was hard evidence. The fact that he still says he isn’t racist is evidence. He is also being investigated for many charges by the FBI. What kind of dirty man is this? He is stressing me out. Do anyone understand how much I have typed about this man? A lot and counting. He takes up a lot space and gives you something to talk about. That is all I can give him with a middle finger. I remember when I was worried that the Simpsons prediction came true and he died from covid. It was false but I wrote a respectful post on this man and I take it back. I might actually delete it. What was I thinking? This is a man who wouldn’t send respirators to dying states from covid. He has no heart, no soul and I kind of hope someone catches him on the streets (lol).

Donald Trump is impeached and can never run again. He gets no more benefits. Twitter has removed him. New York has cut ties with him and he is facing charges. He has played with human lives and this is his karma. He split up families and left children homeless. This man should have been locked up early on and that is why I can’t accept this government. They allowed all of these things to happen under their own noses. They are also to blame for the riots at the Capitol. There is no way they can say that they couldn’t get rid of those people. They said peace but it’s different for the black folks. I wish we had another black President. Trump will soon be gone and Biden will enter. I just hopes it’s better because we need some happiness. Impeachment sounds scary but so do Jail, so he should just walk.

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