(*Warning* Graphic Details) Sex SLaves/ Murder of Asian Women During WWII: Comfort Women

“The Truth Will Set You Free, but First It Will Piss You Off”

-Gloria Steinem

*Disclaimer* This is in no way judging the Japanese Race today. I am merely talking about the news and things I have researched about this topic. If you feel hurt or offended then I suggest you stop reading immediately and leave. When I talk about the army, I am referring to the Japanese army who took place in these horrendous crimes.

The hatred of men grows from many decades of being treated like nothing other than sex objects. You still have a rape and sexual assault nowadays (everyday) but back then was on another level. I am talking about a level of disgusting human beings that should have never existed. We are talking about the Japanese and Japanese Soldiers during World War II. I am upset that I have never heard of this incident, not even in school. This should be talked about because of the hate that was involved. I have read upon this because it is in the news that some of the survivors called “Comfort Women” who were forced sex slaves, are demanding an apology from the Japanese Government. They absolutely deserve it and it is trending all over the news. Rather than an apology, they should get on their knees and apologize. The number was around 20,000 women, children, elderly and only five are left. The crazy part is that there could have been around 400,000 women. This isn’t even a matter between men and women, it’s inhumane. This is gonna go in a lot of directions of hate towards men, the government, society then, and sexism. The reason behind this was to “PREVENT’ Rape and Venereal Diseases. If that was preventing rape, what do you call sex slavery? (Sarcasm Voice)

How can you argue preventing rape when you throw scared women into the mix just to have them killed. The women were raped, humiliated and murdered afterwards. Uhh, this is really angering me, knowing what torture they had to endure at young ages. Im talking about vaginal pain and mutilations. Things that are not normal in the human brain. I would argue that there was something wrong with their brains but at the same time, Asian countries have always been different to sexual encounters. That doesn’t justify anything, I just wanted to state that. What I mean is that they are not open as other countries to sexual encounters. It was obviously worse then but now, they are quiet and deadly. I still think their minds are weird. The way they went about getting these girls were by kidnapping, force, lying, etc. They had no limit and no age requirement for this which is why so many women and young girls were involved. This just showed the thirst of men because they acted like they couldn’t wait. They acted like wild animals eating their last meal. (Disgusting) Also, there was obviously a raping problem because they were trying to prevent it or slow it down. Geez, what were wrong with those people. I say that about anyone who attacks another but this was by far worse than anything else I have heard of before.

The Attacks In Description

First they would get kidnapped, raped and beaten every day and night. They would get beat if they resisted rape which in the end resulted in rape. Young girls were “Broken Into” so that they can perform duties on the bigger soldiers. They would cut open the young girls so that they can rape them. How would that be legal then? The army was so corrupt and just plain evil. The women were “used as ammunition, toilets and for blood” told from a doctor during WWII. Held for blood like they are not human. Beaten, raped, mutilations, abortions, murder, suicide and starvation was just a few things that happened there. There were records and pictures of items such as sticks, poles, canes, bamboo, bayonets, bottles and other items shoved into the vagina of these women. Ages young as 14 years old being handled and harassed by a grown man then killed is what life was like for them. They would do all of this and just leave the bodies to be destroyed like some dead trees outside. Some reports said that many committed suicide by cyanide pills and grenades.

If this was to satisfy a man’s need back then, why did they go as far as murder? What did they get out of killing these women? When I hear about stuff like this, I can’t help but to bring my small hatred of men to the mix. Back then women had no rights. I never understood the power of a man. They were born just like us so why do they act so above us which they are not. Women were treated like nothing and some still aren’t. The fact that they got away with so much and it make sense because the people who made the rules were also men. They all thought alike and should all burn in hell. I am talking about the men who were involved in this topic. The shame they must have had when they went hell because they will get punished with it for eternity. That took a dark turn but that’s what I believe. I believe in karma and that you get what you reap.

So many women loss their lives and they demand a public apology. South Korea has demanded the Japanese Government apologize as well. There were women from all over such as Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Taiwanese, Burmese, Indonesian, Australian and Dutch. The women lived in poverty before which is why it was so easy to get them. None of this justifies anything that happened during that time. The survivors deserve a pay out which they are also requesting because the amount of distress the Japanese Government brought onto them. Once again, I have learned more history that has upset me. No matter what country they were from, women were all treated the same and they all (most) have overcome them. We still have sexist things now but you have to put them in their place so that you don’t get ran upon. This is suppose to be a equal world but it never feels like it.

Some of the comfort women

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