The Difference Between White and Black : Capitol Break-In

This year has definitely went down and it’s only the beginning. What is it about this man ( Donald Trump) that people can’t seem to get over. He gets treated like a God by his supporters and it’s the opposite. The storm of the Capitol was to show that they support Trump and it turned out differently than I expected. Lets first sum up the ending. Four people died, 57 arrested and the members in the Capitol had to go into safety precautions. These dumb people, yes I said dumb because I don’t care for them, made it into the Capitol somehow and messed up a lot. There were pictures all over social media of these people sitting inside the offices, breaking glass and yelling. It ended and was named a fail but I noticed a lot of things that were wrong on so many parts. I’m talking about the way things were handled. THEY BROKE INTO THE CAPITOL! How the hell did they get in there? What would happen if these were black people? It would be a massacre and we all know it.

When I was watching this live on television, I just kept thinking “where are the police”. Why would the police not ambush these people? They even said that they are gonna let them protest and that they were gonna be peaceful. Now listen to this, that was the police officials talking. Your telling me that these white people can go on state property, break in, damage state property in the capitol and get away with it. Black people can’t even protest without someone getting killed by the police. How dare they do this? They struck a nerve with this one and I want answers. No one can justify that this wasn’t a difference between race. I could care less about these people because they are just bitter. Bitter that they didn’t win this time. Bitter that they won’t get to see this immature grown man mess up anyone else’s life. He divided this country farther and made everything worse. He keeps saying he isn’t racist but I disagree. That man is the most racist.

The woman who died from being shot in the chest didn’t hurt me either. Look, you knew the consequences. You thought they weren’t gonna do anything because of your skin color and the fact that you were with a mob of people. I can say rest in piece because she had her own beliefs but was it worth it? No one should be killed because of things like this but these people were in the wrong. I am just surprised that there weren’t anymore. I’m not saying that there should be more deaths but if it was black people, there would be a lot of deaths. I guess you see the differences. During the congress member speeches, the mob were already in and started breaking the glass. They should’ve got shot right there. Not because it’s free to protest but they broke in and caused harm. Then after all of this, Trump supporters have been attempting (but failed) to break into the Capitol of other states. Why is this becoming a thing? They aren’t making a change, they are making it worse because they are on television and are starting to get identified.

I think it’s funny that they are getting caught. A lot of people are losing there job but now I have another problem. Why aren’t they getting arrested? The man who took a picture in Nancy Pelosi office, I think was from Arkansas should definitely be arrested. They’re all tough until someone goes to jail. This doesn’t even count as a protest because not everyone thinks the same. This was just plain dumb and I wish everyone got arrested. They even called in the national guard but what did they do? I believe they used some kind of gas to push the people away and tried to control the mob but that’s it. I can’t stop thinking about what would’ve happen if it was us (black people). I am gonna paint the image in words to show what would be the outcome if we would have tried to storm the Capitol over some crybaby President (Trump).

First, there would be an APB out for anyone heading in that direction (lol). They would barricade in front, side, back and the inside of the Capitol. They would be heavily armed with weapons. If we kept moving, some people would get shot or attacked by the police. If everyone ran at the same time, they would just start shooting. Now lets say that we made it in and were rioting on the Capitol. There would automatically be a brawl because for some reason, they are so afraid of black people. We aren’t scary, we just don’t take crap anymore. We never did in the past, we were just physically forced. I personally think they are afraid that we will take over one day and do what they did to us but they are wrong because we don’t think that way. The point was to say that black people would not have gotten away with this. The fact that they said that they were gonna let them do this peacefully triggered me and the fact that many people aren’t arrested is triggering me.

Trump were talking to his supporters during this saying ” please go home” and that it was Mike Pence fault because he didn’t change it. He is still talking about the votes. No one but his supporters like him. He started this and he knows it. He knows they listen to every word and it’s like speaking in code because the same thing happened when there was talk about kidnapping the female Governor. That was also his fault. Now, he did all this and Congress is finally noticing and they are about to do something big. I hope they do it to because it needs to be done one way or another. Mike Pence agreed and Joe Biden agreed. Everyone in Congress is talking about bringing in the 25th Amendment to get him out. There is talk about Impeachment again. They have the Feds investigating Trump now. Many people have even been saying that his political career is done. The funny thing is that they are thinking about Impeaching Trump right before Joe Biden’s Inauguration. You gotta be really bad to get impeached right before you leave. Get this man out of here and in prison.


A Pro-Trump protester resists arrest (Photo by Michael Nigro/Sipa USA)


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