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She Knew The Risk and Still Went Through With It, Now She Is In Prison For Telling The Truth

This is a country that shuts you up before you even get a word out. That sounds like African parents after you talk back to them. I talked about Zhang Zhan before she went to prison. I had a gut feeling that this was gonna happen. This is what that country does. They are pros at shutting someone up if they talk. If you think men in black is scary, don’t go to China. Zhang Zhan reported about the covid outbreak in China and this is her unlawful punishment. She had video and talked about what was going on and just like other journalist there, she was threatened to remove it. She thought it was her right as a human being to talk about it because no one was telling the truth. She is one of many journalists who have been arrested or have gone missing.

This isn’t the only problem she is dealing with in that country. She is on a 4 year prison term and with that she has refused to eat. She is not eating at all while she is in prison and her attorney’s are worried about her health. She is being force fed by them and it’s crazy that it came this far. They should be worried because they failed her. She is innocent and should not be treated like a traitor. She was also arrested in 2019 for speaking during a protest and that is because protesting is illegal in China. They have no free speech there and that is why they have been protesting.

I knew that she was gonna get caught before she put her story out. They jail or kill whistle blowers and they call it “missing”. At the beginning of 2020, the journalist who had video of the treatment of the bodies in covid went missing and people started protesting. They said they know what happened (their government killed him). I saw a glimpse of a video he posted on YouTube. It was the Chinese workers disrespecting the bodies by just throwing them in vans and bodies just lying beside them. The video was very disrespectful because those are human beings and it was a mess. After that he went missing. Same goes for the doctor who went missing.

Everyone was upset about this one because that doctor was the first to say there was covid (before we learned that it was here earlier). This doctor had video and all of sudden he died. They said he had covid but others said that it wasn’t. Many think that the government did it and so do I. The point is to say that they try to shut up anyone who talks. Thank god I don’t live in that country because I talk a lot. Something has to change because these are people who want to show the truth and want to make a change. Why won’t they let their people be?

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