Evil pharmacist intention to ruin lives by messing up covid vaccines

The dark side of the first day came pretty quick and hit hard. A pharmacist in Wisconsin deliberately ruined 57 vials of the covid vaccine. Why would someone do that? Anyone who is alive can see that covid is very dangerous, so why would someone do that? This man took the vaccines out of a temperature controlled fridge and ruined the supply. Guess what, that wasn’t the first time. He did this crime on a Friday but had done it before on Thursday. The only difference is that he returned the vaccines from Thursday back to the fridge. It was said that if the vaccines were out for a period of time, that they were useless. This means that the ones he put back in the fridge on purpose were injected into 57 people. (Silence for the shock) What would you do if you were one of those people? I would sue the heck out of that man. You are playing with human lives and the fact that he knew exactly what he was doing is a crime.

There were 57 people who got a vaccine, not knowing what just happened. After finding out what happened, the doctors had to call that group of people and tell them what happened. Just imagine getting that call and what would go through your mind. I would wonder what would happen because if the vaccine is useless, that means it was expired chemicals in their bodies. The motive behind this damage was that he wanted the people to think they were properly vaccinated. The mind of people make you wonder what else he have done. If he did this and he is a licensed pharmacists, they should look at all of his work. What if he hurt other people with medicine? There is so much to think about because he is obviously not in the right state of mind.

I didn’t think I could get mad so quick but here we are. I have a problem with people who do idiotic things that can cause the lives of others. This year was suppose to be different but I forgot that there are people who want to make a name for themselves. They would rather hurt others and go to jail than live their normal lives. He got charged with a couple of things and I hope he gets a large number plus fined because the vaccine waste cost between $8,000 and $11,000. I can’t fathom why he would rather lose his license over something like this. He will never be able to work in the medical field anymore and he probably don’t care. People like this are not right in the head.

This has psycho written all over it because a normal person would never do this. I bet they plead mentally insane which he isn’t. He just wants to do something evil to make a name for himself. I guess he did because it’s all over the news.


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