Threat To humanity: Disease X To Come

When Ebola hit, we thought it was the end of the world. When Covid hit, no one took it seriously. There was even talk about Covid being Disease X because it came out of nowhere, and now there is a pandemic that has killed many people. What if I say that Disease X isn’t here yet? It could make perfect sense because there are more scares from other sicknesses. In India, they have an unknown pathogen that has infected over 500 people although 400 returned home and 1 died. They still fear that it could be the start of another epidemic or pandemic but they also think it’s from their water. I would honestly believe the water thing because they have some of the worse pollution problems. That water is contaminated with some weird things and they bathe in it so it could be that. Those people also tested negative for Covid so what could it be. Have you heard of “Zoonotic illness”? It’s just Ebola, Covid, and similar viruses that scientists are still discovering. I still believe these weird unknown diseases come from unknown meat that you shouldn’t eat. No offense but a lot of diseases come from places outside of where I am which is the U.S. There is news still updating that is saying that half a million Asians could have had Covid before they knew anything. This just shows that no one knows anything, we are all trying to figure out the same things. What if Covid is the Disease X? Is there really a Disease X? Are they just trying to scare us?

In some countries that should be shut down, there are markets that sell monkeys to villages to eat which is highly illegal. Who would eat a monkey? That is called forbidden meat. This is the main reason we have what we have now. Certain creatures are not meant to be consumed in the human body because they carry pathogens that are harmful to the human body. For example, bats. That is how SARS, Ebola, and Covid spread. The place that is “Kinshasa” should be gone. The wet market for illegal activities. This is the place that sells monkey meat illegally and other forbidden meat. The fact that they worry about another pandemic starting but still sell those things are beyond human belief. Maybe, that is where they should start the search. I can’t believe that this stuff gets shipped to different countries like Paris and even America. Let me find out that I ate a damn monkey and see what happens. Disgusting humans. I call them disgusting because it’s not normal. Maybe it’s normal because they are in poverty but it’s not safe. At this point, the viruses are just magically appearing everywhere and there is no hope for anyone. Maybe we are Disease X and we just don’t know it.


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