Slutty Vegan Burgers

If you have not tried this place then you are missing out. They are not located everywhere yet but I know they will be soon. They are located in Atlanta and recently expanded to Alabama. I have been wanting to try the burgers here because they look delicious and the atmosphere looked lit. I had the chance to go a couple of days ago and I’m going again before I leave Atlanta. They have a store where you can pick up your food and they have food trucks. When I tell you the lines be so long, I am not lying. It’s so popular and everything is made from plants. I’m black so I can say that black people are entertaining, as can other people. They were playing loud music and dancing while cooking the food. When we got in, we got a introduction because it was our first time. They asked where we were from, my sister said Atlanta and the lady yelled through the microphone “Ayyyyyy, we got some ATL sluts in the building”, then everyone cheered. It was so crazy and entertaining. It was just people vibing out dancing and eating.

The next best part are the names of the burgers. I loved the names because you just wanna laugh and get that burger. Here are a list of the names of these delicious burgers…

  • One Night Stand
  • Fussy Hussy
  • Sloppy Toppy
  • Super Slut
  • Heaux Boy
  • DanceHall Queen
  • Menage A Trois
  • Chik’n Head
  • Hollywood Hooker
  • Big Dawg
  • PLT
  • Stripper

The names are funny and so good. I had the “one night stand” and that burger was so thick. They all come with well seasoned fries because black people love seasoning. They don’t care if you are allergic, as long as it taste good (lol). The burgers are juicy and they use a homemade sweet sauce which I eat with the fries. You don’t need ketchup or mayonnaise because the sweet sauce is perfect. We got our food and headed back to the hotel because we were starving. The funniest thing was how fast we ate our food. The food was so good that I forgot I ate it (lol). I felt like Patrick from sponge bob, when he ate his chocolate bar too quick and though sponge bob ate it. That’s how good it was. If you are ever in Atlanta, then you need to eat there because you are missing out. I am happy that I found a vegan burger place because I was craving one. They also have vegan shrimp burgers. This is my number one favorite burger place now. My sisters who love meat even said the same thing. They said that this was by far the best burger they have ever had.

One night stand burger

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