Cafe Intermezzo

This is the perfect place to go for brunch. They stay open until 3 am and serve desert all day. It’s such a cute picturesque place with views of the city. We sat outside and the wind was so cold but we were comfortable because each table had a tall heater next to it. With the beautiful leaves falling, it looked like fall outside. The place wasn’t very expensive either but you get a lot of food and everything we had tasted worth it. The only thing I hated was the small table sizes. It was so hard to eat because we had so much on the table but the pictures turned out pretty. This is a nice place to eat with your girlfriends while gossiping (lol).

I ordered the smoked salmon eggs Benedict and it was too delicious. The last thing I needed was dairy but I was curious because I never had eggs Benedict before. The pescatarians would love this meal. I forgot the name of the other meals my sister had but we also had french toast and potatoes. They had espressos and I ruined it with a coke (lol). I wanna eat dessert there next time so I can get more pictures. We laughed and talked for about an hour and once again we ate fast. We act like we starve ourselves but we like to eat. I am surprised it wasn’t too packed.

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