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Viral Video Of black doctor who died from covid (opinion)

The video of the doctor “Susan Moore” that passed away from covid has been trending and going viral. Was she telling the truth? Was she really mistreated? The only evidence was a seven in a half minute video where she explained it. Like life itself, there are two sides to every story, and there was another side. The hospital Ceo talked about it and said it could’ve been because there are many other covid patients. Susan Moore talked about being ignored and treated differently because of her race. She talked about her doctors not giving her painkillers when she was in extreme pain until a certain time. She said they knew she was a doctor. “This is how black people get killed,” she said. I have a couple of curious opinions because people can overact or the other way around.

I’m not saying she is lying but you have to address the full situation. Covid is the biggest and number one killer this year so everyone is tense. I don’t have covid so I don’t know how painful it is. I’m not a doctor nor a patient, so I can only imagine the stress that goes on in the hospitals right now. Maybe they weren’t being rude but trying to attend to everyone at a fast pace and it came off as rude. Like I said before, there are two sides to every story and I also have another opinion. What if she was right? Did they discriminate against her? Did they show no compassion toward a patient in need? If so, who gives them the right?

During covid times, compassion is what’s needed in the ICU at the moment. People who are in critical condition need to have the feeling of love so that they don’t feel pain. If someone is in pain and needs help then they should get help from doctors. It’s sad that she passed away so soon which means that she needed a lot of help. Could they have helped her more? I am justifying both sides because people jump to the conclusion so quickly. I think because of the video, many might immediately say “racists”. Maybe they were, maybe they were not. No one should feel neglected or mistreated during a time of need. If she was right then those doctors should be fired. This is no time for discrimination when it’s so bad everywhere.

If I had covid and I was treated poorly because of my skin color, I would do the same as Ms. Moore. If I was in pain and they didn’t help, I would do the same thing. The other thing I would do is look at it from their perspective. This is a fast-paced place where doctors are getting no sleep because of a virus. Everyone is on edge and scared. Maybe they had a bad day and if that was the case, they shouldn’t have taken it out on her. The last place you wanna be discriminated is in the hospital where people control your pain. They could do what she said and not help. I don’t know the truth but I have my own opinions.

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