A Very mournful christmas

Happy Holidays to everyone but can I say happy? Lets be honest, no one is happy. Not with all this death that is going on. It’s hard to even try to look past it. The only good thing is that this year is almost over. I can’t be happy because I know others are not. 79,489,000+ to be exact and 1,744,563+ cannot be here to celebrate. I say this so much but I still cannot believe how many people died by this virus. This isn’t a happy holiday, it’s a dark one. Doctors are still working because so many people are still sick. Covid patients died on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day which is so heartbreaking. People are dying without family and by themselves.

This isn’t a holiday to celebrate. We need to just relax today because it isn’t about gifts, it isn’t about material things, it is about survival. We don’t know what’s to come after this year, all we wanna do is move past this year. A year of death, rain, sorrow and heartbreak. I knew this post wasn’t gonna be positive, it’s me. I am also gonna post my last trip because it got cut short but it’s completely fine. I didn’t upload everything on time so I will combine it all in one. Something sad happened so we left the hotel and went back to my sister’s apartment. This is another reason why I can celebrate Christmas. We left because her grandmother passed away from covid.

I don’t even know how she stayed positive but she said she processed it because her grandmother was on a machine, sleep for over 20 days. She had a feeling but still hoped. She even kept texting her. I never met her grandmother but I prayed for a Christmas miracle and it wasn’t delivered. She was happy that she got to talk to her while she was in the hospital which made her feel better which just shows you that anything is possible. Life is unexpected and those who wanna be angry and spiteful to loved ones ( you know who you are) will end up regretting it later with a big knot in their chest. I can’t believe there are people who don’t call sick loved ones because they only think of themselves. I don’t respect those people because it’s not out of being afraid, it is about wanting everything to be about them. When someone’s life is on the line and can’t be with their family, you should be the first one to talk to them before the calls end. Then after the loved one pass, the person feel like they were left out. No, you didn’t want to pick up your phone and you missed your opportunity and now have to live with that pain inside you forever. This is obviously personal but it needed to be said because there are many others like this.

It doesn’t feel like Christmas at all. It feels like a day to just mourn the ones you loss. Rest in peace to everyone we have loss and those who are passing away now because someone pass away everyday. It’s life but I still don’t understand why. Why do someone have to leave earth without saying goodbye? Life is weird and uncontrollable which is why I want to understand it all. Maybe one day, I will think different but I have been surrounded by too much death to say otherwise. I have just been blessed to be here for another day. It might sound sad but I will say Merry Christmas to everyone except two people (it’s personal).

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  1. I like very much your honesty, and the truth here. I wish I could have read more posts like this, because so many seem to be missing the very real tragedy that is taking place before our very eyes. It is indeed a very mournful Christmas. Thankyou for poeting this.

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