Atlanta Trip (Day 2) Your Dekalb farmers market

This was my first time going to this farmers market and I was so surprised in a good way. It is located in Decatur, GA and it is a popular place. We went because my sister wanted to get things for a seafood boil. Pescatarians, where are you? They have fresh seafood there so it would taste even better. The prices were so cheap compared to normal grocery stories which says a lot because crab in stores are so pricey. We went to get crab, shrimp, mussels, clams, and vegetables. The total was on $111 and that was with 3 lbs of snow crabs. The king crab legs were so huge which upset me because in stores, they are smaller. We even bought fresh live blue crabs. I was sad about those crabs because I never eat crab that I have to cook. My sister bought them to cook because she likes them.

Decatur is now a place I would live in as well. It’s so nice and clean. There are restaurants and shops everywhere so I would be comfortable here. The farmers market is near everything that is walking distance. When you walk in, the first thing you see is the seafood section. There are people in line and the workers picking out your food. They have large catfish in big water sections along with lobsters. There were crabs, lobster, catfish, salmon, shrimp, etc. They even had alligator but I am pretty sure they were already cut. I wasn’t looking for that. I don’t condone the killing of alligators by the way. It is so loud when you walk in because everyone is talking and saying orders. I looked so out of place there which made it funny.

I am understanding Atlanta the more I stay here. I like the city because it’s beautiful but there are also things I am not happy about. For example, the homeless population is enormous here. They are everywhere. They walk in front of your car and do things. My sister is so use to that they annoy here (lol). I am gonna write about that in another post later. The traffic is ridiculous. I don’t now how anyone drive in the city. When we finally got out of traffic and drove around for a while. There are more parts to Atlanta than I thought there were so I am still exploring. This day was alright because we have plans tomorrow. We are cooking the seafood tomorrow. We went sight seeing so much that I passed out at 1 am in the morning.

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