Anger Injustice Life

PRIVILEGED cry-baby’s

I swear people just know how to piss you off more than you already are. These wealthy people who are offering 10’s of thousands of dollars to cut the line to get the covid vaccine should be ashamed. They think just because they are rich that gives them the right. Wrong! You don’t even know if it fully works because there has been some questionable symptoms. This is why many people say they won’t take the vaccine. The black communities said they don’t trust them and others think the vaccine came out to early. The only thing I don’t agree with is the time. Everyone was rushing a vaccine and now that it’s here everyone wanna say it’s too quick.

There has been rich people offering $25,000 to donate to hospitals to “cut the line” but they got denied. Why can’t you wait? Obviously you don’t have covid or you aren’t sick enough to cut the line. This is why they get bashed for the things they do. Money can’t solve all your problems. The people who need the vaccine first are the sickest ones in the hospitals. The elderly should before these rich babies. They get sicker faster and by the way many young children have covid. They should even be before these rich people. You don’t even know if the vaccine makes you immune to it. Everyone wants to try to get it first but they have many vaccines for everyone.

This isn’t the movies. We have a real crisis that has killed more than 1 million human beings in a couple of months. These people who are trying to offer money should be ashamed of themselves. What makes your life more important? In fact, the poor communities should go before them as well. I don’t know what it is but after the college admission scam, I can’t think positive of these people. Their children can’t even get into college without their help. These parents and other well off people better watch out because if this vaccine works, it’s gonna be like the purge (lol).

Doctors even said that they have to say “no” to regulars that usually cut the lines in health care. That says something right there. I can already see it, people who need emergency surgery have to wait because of a rich person with a strain. It’s sad and disgusting. This sounds like the movie “Elysium” where the rich and poor are separated. That movie was realistic and showed how the two were different. The rich only cared for themselves and had everything they needed while the poor had absolutely nothing. They were separated by planets so that the poor couldn’t get up there. How disgusting! The movie made so mad because I pictured the world today. Greedy people always get karma.

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