Atlanta Trip Day 1 (Beginning)

I will be summarizing what I have done today which isn’t too much because we made it to Atlanta at around 2pm. When we arrived, we went to get blaze pizza where I got a high rise vegan dough pizza. It was so delicious that I devoured it. It’s crazy how big this city is. My sister lives in the city (literally) and there are things all over the place. Her apartment amazed me and now I will be preparing to transfer here. When we arrived at the apartment, we relaxed while my sister slept because she drove the entire trip. We were waiting until it turned dark so that we can drive around the city, go to murder Kroger ( seriously, look it up), whole foods and sight see. We first went to Kroger which has the nickname “murder Kroger”. The story is dark but in 2019 they reinvented it and it is so damn fancy. There are no more murders and I would go there everyday.

After that, we drove through the city and it was lit up. They have Christmas lights everywhere and decorations that made the city look effortless. There were so many people that were and still are walking the streets with friends. I was so in awe that I looked like a dog in a window that has never been out of the house. I saw my favorite building which is the largest building in Atlanta and I got so close to it. It was huge as were all the other buildings. We have plans to fine dine at the top of a building with over 70 floors for dinner this week so I can’t wait to show you guys. After the super Kroger, we went to a super Wholefoods. The crazy part is that these grocery stores are at the bottom of lofts and rooftop stores. I will live in a loft one day.

When we got to the Wholefoods, the place was so refreshing. Everything looked different and there were more options. I was looking for a vegan cheesecake that my sister told me about and I found it. It was a chocolate chip cheesecake with oats as the crust. It was sweet but delicious. I only took two bites because I was full from before. I did buy a vegan cookie and cream cake that was very delicious. The cake tasted a little sweet but not too much. I was dense with a smooth cream filling. I would buy it again. We ate gummies on the road so I wasn’t that hungry. We have so many restaurants to go to this week so I am excited about that. We passed by the most gorgeous neighborhood in the city and it was filled with townhouses. I am not lying when I say that you can step outside of the town homes and see every building, walking distance. My next goal is to live there by myself.

This trip is just the beginning and I already feel like I am a local here. I am comfortable in the city and the noises don’t bother me. I would never be bored here. I love spending time with my sisters and looking for guys on tinder with my younger sister (she is 18 so don’t worry). This feels like the time when we lived together but it’s also different because we didn’t spend much time together when we were younger. There are also some good looking guys here. I mean, where I am from, they don’t have these there (lol). I am ready to move, like now.

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a college student and I am curious about everything. When I get curious, I need to talk about it. Life is amazing and weird at the same time. This is why we must stay positive so that we can enjoy life before it ends.

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