Are non-meat eaters weak bodied

I think people who eat meat except for seafood think non-meat eaters aren’t healthy enough. They say that if you don’t eat meat then you aren’t getting enough protein. I have heard that many times and I don’t understand where that way of thinking come from. Those who think meat is the only proteins for humans have failed in health class. You get proteins from nuts, soybeans, tofu, flax seeds, quinoa, plants, etc. You also have meat substitutes that contain protein. You see, there are many options that are in fact healthier than meat. If you want the truth, meat eaters have weaker bodies than non-meat eaters.

If you compare the intake of the different people (meat and non-meat eaters), you will see a difference in performance. Non-meat eaters are healthier but I can see why they question it (a little). For example, when I stopped eating meat, I started to go the gym. My mom said that I was gonna die because I wasn’t eating anything. That is where she was wrong because I got fuller eating beans and other things. I was also very conscious when I went to the gym. I was never out it to the point of passing out. I believe she was joking but I wasn’t joke.I felt proud because I am trying to get healthier for myself.

I might sound biased but it’s just because people who eat meat act like others are weird for not eating pork, chicken and steak. My aunt thought that I could only eat salads. No offense to my aunt but these are the people who only see the outside. I use to think that way in high school but in college, I finally realized. It’s way deeper than you think. The only thing is that you have to cook most of your food because it won’t be anywhere else. I hate cooking because i’m lazy but cooking is better and healthier. I get so triggered by what others say about non-meat eaters. Maybe if we (non-meat eaters) thought the same way, there would be more vegetarians and vegans.

It’s not hard to be strong and not eat meat. You also take vitamins so that you get your full intake. Reasons like this is why you have to ignore those people. These are just excuses to why they can’t do it. I don’t think anyone have a weak body unless you aren’t eating enough and if you are on a special diet then you just have to eat more.

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