Atlanta Trip pre-day (Don’t Judge Me)

Traveling during covid is something I have not been comfortable with since covid started. I will admit that I am a hypocrite because I am, for the first time leaving the state of Arkansas since covid happened. It’s not like I traveled much before but I wanted to start and then the virus hit. I am traveling to Atlanta Georgia to hangout with my oldest and youngest sister. Once again, I am the middle child between the two. At first, I didn’t call this a trip because I lived in Georgia for around 13 years but I never been to Atlanta. It doesn’t make sense but my oldest sister works at a law firm and is getting her masters in Atlanta so I am visiting. She drove down here to pick me and my sister up and we are all at this hotel right now to get some sleep before driving to Georgia.

This pre-day trip is already annoying because I am very anxious to get there. There is nothing in Arkansas for me which is why I plan to transfer colleges in the summer before fall. I have so many plans and I am so excited because I will be moving to Atlanta Georgia but it won’t be permanent. My goal is to get to Seattle Washington or Boston Massachusetts. There are so many opportunities in the big cities and Arkansas is not the place for me. This trip will allow me to see the city of Atlanta and try the different foods and shopping places. Oh yeah, I am pretty sure I have come across my first white racist person. She was an older woman and we came back after visiting my mom and the man at the front desk was Hispanic. He told us not to worry about what the older white woman said before because she said something to him as well. I know it was something racist but we don’t care. She looked like an old country bumpkin. It doesn’t faze us but I am still ready for this trip. I swear these racist people be pushing it. Stay in your small negative bubble. I am kinda curious about what she said but if it wasn’t to my face, we don’t have a problem. These older white Arkansans…

I packed up three days prior to this trip which shows my excitement. We already have the hotels and restaurants reserved in Atlanta so we won’t have to wait. We plan to shop at a lot places to get some Christmas gifts and some other things. I am very excited to try the vegan restaurants because there are a lot of them in Atlanta. One of the most famous vegan restaurants there is called “Slutty Vegan”. I cannot wait to tell you guys how it is. I am not gonna lie when I say this which is that I might be eating seafood. I am allergic to a lot of seafood but I love seafood and I am bringing my allergy medicine because I am gonna have a good time. I don’t eat animal meat but I miss seafood. Seafood is considered meat but I still love it. I love seafood and I haven’t had it in so long. I will let you guys know what I do because it’s gonna be interesting. Don’t judge me.

My mood is neutral right now and that is because I am still in Arkansas at the moment. I just wanna leave already but we need to sleep because my older sister has been driving since 4 am this morning. We will be leaving around that time tomorrow morning. We plan to have breakfast and brunch everyday to feel fancy (lol). I am not a drinking but I might have one safe drink but don’t worry because I won’t be at a bar. I will be socially distancing safely with a mask on. I do not plan on getting covid this trip or any other trip. I really wanna travel to Boston right now. At least I am not leaving the country. That is a big no for me at the moment. I also don’t go back to school until January 17th so I have a lot of free time. I will update you guys everyday about the things I do and the places I travel and eat. I will also tell you guys what I think about traveling during covid. Is it worth it? Am I pushing it? Did things go wrong? This will be a fun trip with my sisters so I cannot wait.

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