Why Can’t people give up meat

Before I stopped eating meat, I ate a lot of chicken, fish, pork and beef. When I started to cut out meat, I started it off easy with pork. I had a hard time because I love food. Even though these things can be unhealthy, the taste makes you wanna keep eating it. After transitioning from meat, I found that it isn’t that hard. After finding all of these meat substitutes, it’s easier than before. That is for me but others can be different. Next you have all of the carnivores who think that their life is over if they cut out meat. It’s like they have a addiction to meat which is weird. When I was eating meat, I was never going crazy over it. There is always other options.

People who hunt will never give up meat. There are still millions of people who are hunting during covid. The same thing happened when they said that there was an outbreak of deers who had a brain eating disease that they called “zombie disease”. I don’t know if it was harmless or not but I wouldn’t take the risk. I have friends who hunt and are still hunting because they say that they love it. My best friend eats a lot of deer and she said she would go crazy if she didn’t eat meat. It’s not that serious. The meat will forever be there but covid is making sure it won’t be. There are more things happening to the meat industries, like contamination.

You should always be careful and know what is happening to the food that you are eating but you don’t because it’s good. What is this attachment to meat that people can’t get over? I have heard people say that they don’t care if they get sick because the meat is good. Meat is associated with heart disease and many other diseases but that doesn’t stop people. If you don’t believe me, watch the Netflix documentary (what the health), and I 100% grantee you that you wouldn’t eat meat again. If you can watch the disgusting things that happen to your precious meat and continue to eat meat then you are a true carnivore and there is no hope for you. I’m not saying that everyone should stop eating meat but I hate hearing how people can’t try anything new.

We all have different food preferences. Many of us like meat and the others hate meat. If everyone will continue it then these companies should care for the meat and not contaminate it. There is a lot of scary things that happen behind closed doors of the meat plants. You should ask yourself “is it really worth it”. What are you really losing?

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