Would a vegan date a non-vegan

Veganism is becoming bigger and better by the day. You have the vegans who focus on their health and on the other side, you have the vegans that are animal activists. They love animals and don’t want to eat animals, milk animals, etc. I respect those vegans because I am focusing on my health but I am also transitioning into a animal activists. I respect animals more that humans because they can’t talk for themselves. I bet if they did, they would have a lot to say. Im getting off topic but it needed to be sad. I don’t think a vegan would have a problem dating a non-vegan unless they are not playing. Maybe they don’t like the smell of meat anywhere and don’t want their partner to eat meat as well. They do have vegan only dating sites.

As I continue to become more familiar with veganism, I think I wouldn’t want someone who eats meat. The only thing I can’t deal with is chicken, pork, beef, red meat. I don’t think there is anything wrong with dating vegans or non-vegans. Although, two vegans dating sounds like a great healthy relationship. For some reason, when I think of two vegans dating, I picture a loving relationship and one of the them trying not to have the other relapse. It’s not funny, I just had it in my head. I am not thinking about relapsing because I am a happy vegan. If a vegan and non-vegan were in a serious relationship, would they hate kissing? The vegan wouldn’t want the taste or smell of meat around them. I don’t blame them because the smell of bacon makes me light headed.

The problem that I have with chicken, pork, and beef eaters is that I stop agreeing with eating meat. I chose to stop eating meat in January and haven’t looked back. It’s been so long that I hate the smell of certain meats. I love animals which is why I also hate meat eaters now. Not eating meat has woke me up to my surroundings. Animals are beautiful and don’t deserve to be hunted. I also don’t believe in hunting. I know it’s a way of life but I think it is barbaric because people seek thrill from it. A lot of serial killers were hunters before they were serial killers. Once again, I got distracted.

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