Vegan spaghetti w/ spinach pasta

This was very delicious and easy to make. This dish took about 20 minutes to make due to boiling the pasta and heating up everything. I wanted to try a new pasta so I bought two different kinds and chose zucchini and spinach. For this dish, I used the spinach pasta which is now my favorite. I kept the pasta long because I like to twirl the pasta with the fork(lol). I purchased the bread from the fresh market which I baked and salted. I got full so fast with this dish and had extra which surprised me because I tried to make enough for one serving. I also didn’t measure anything because I always have a good gut feeling.

Directions: Boil water for the pasta and wait until it boils. Do not break the pasta but you can if you want to. While that is boiling, get a nonstick pan and coat it with olive oil. Add chopped garlic (I used fresh garlic) and stir. Next, add your meat substitute. I used the vegan ground beef which is a brand from “gardein”. Stir until it is unfrozen and add in fresh spinach. It is to your liking so add in as much as you want. Season with salt,pepper, and garlic powder to your tasting. Next, add in your pasta sauce. I used the mushroom and onion tomato sauce from Kroger. Using a spoon, add 3 or 4 spoons of the pasta water to your tomato base to get it unthinkened. Check pasta and drain but do not mix in yet. Lastly assemble your plate. Add your pasta on your dish and add the meat mixture on top on the noodles. Presentation is important. You can add garlic bread but it’s up to you.

Ingredients: Spinach Pasta (Kroger), Tomato sauce (Kroger), Garlic (Copped), Fresh Spinach, Vegan Meat Substitute (Gardein), Salt, Pepper, Onion Powder, Garlic Bread

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