Do You Lose weight as a vegan

There have been many people that say you can lose so much weight as a vegan but is it true? Do you think you lose weight because you are no longer eating meat? I am here to tell you that it is a lie. You will not lose a ton of weight fast as a vegan. You will lose some weight but that is because the lack of nutrients your body is not taking in. If you are trying to lose weight fast, becoming vegan is not the answer. It isn’t the healthy way to go because you will be lacking certain things you need. Becoming vegan is a choice unless you are me who is allergic to everything. Even then, I wanted to stop eating meat due to health concerns.

Before becoming a vegan, I believed I would lose all this weight and I would hit my ideal weight (lol). Little did I know there was much more to it. When I first cut out meat, I was still eating a lot of carbs so that didn’t help. I was eating seafood instead and by the way I was still consuming sweets. After that, I cut out all meat including seafood due to allergens. I don’t eat many sweets because I have started to grow out of them. I thought that would help but I was still drinking soda and that has a lot of sugar. So then I started drinking less sodas but I also wasn’t taking any vitamins. At that point I was gaining weight. I still don’t take any but I am gonna start because I need them to balance me because I know I am not getting all of my nutrients.

Going into veganism can be dangerous if it’s not done right. You can stop eating meat but you have to find substitutes that have the same things in them. There are many vegan options out there. Ignore those people that say it’s not healthy. Those are the meat eaters who act like they can’t live without it. Nowadays there a more people going vegan and plant based. It may sound dangerous but if you do it right, you can easily get full and satisfied. The goal isn’t to become skinny, it’s to become healthy. You shouldn’t go into thinking that way because you will be disappointed. Starving yourself isn’t the answer either. You should ask yourself “why”,

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