“Hell” On The Other side of the states

Right now I am bundled up under the cover blogging in a 60 degree room. It’s around 40 degrees outside and it rains every night. I take it for granted by complaining about how much it rains. Who am I? How dare I? There are people across the sates in California that has 100 degree weather with uncontrollable fires and I complain about water. The selfishness and degree of ignorance of taking things for granted. Right now, Southern California has over 7200 acres of uncontrollable fire and it literally looks like hell. This picture actually scared me because it didn’t look real. I can’t believe this is happening. What is this? Who created this year with all the bad luck? It feels like a year of the Pandora Box.

The things that people are going through besides covid is astonishing. It’s not fair and honestly it hurts. I wish I could do something to help. I wouldn’t know what to do if my entire house and land was on fire and uncontrollable. Having nowhere to go and having to start over is unimaginable to me. This shows you that anything can happen but these Californians have been dealing with this the entire year. In the morning everything looks normal but at night it looks like the devil is building a playground. There is a comedy movie called “This Is The End” and ironically it was in California and the pictures looked exactly like the movie. I don’t know what to say.

I am always the person complaining about there being too much rain and they get none. They are dealing with that and a virus plus earthquakes. I couldn’t imagine living there because it’s too dangerous and expensive. There has to be safety regulations for the people who are moving there because there is no way to grow a family in that state safely in my eyes. Otherwise they must have some good insurance. In this fire, 25,000 people were evacuated to safety but what do they do now? That is a question I am always curious about. Where do you go? I wouldn’t be prepared but that is when your survival mode kicks in. I just hope everyone is fine because no one should go out that way. There has been so many catastrophes this year and many more to come.

I wish I can give some rain and Colorado give some snow. I am still wondering why they can’t put the fires out. Is it because the heat and the winds? The entire community needs to help because two firefighters were injured and it shouldn’t be up to only them. They tackle fires but this isn’t normal. This isn’t supposed to happen everyday. I am also thinking about the animals. What about the animals? Where do they go? Do you remember when billions of beautiful creatures died in the Australia fire. Beautiful animals and I cried because the stuff I saw was something you don’t want to see. I still can’t believe that happened in real life. That was the worse fire in history. Life as we know it is disappearing and the populations are slowly decreasing. What will it take for people to understand?

Story: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/southern-california-wildfire-burning-out-control-will-days-come-n1249907


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