voices from a jail cell

The one thing you can not take from someone is their voice. When it gets to that point of trying to silence someone, that is when protests begin to break out. Unfortunately many activists are jailed for what they say or for what they do. Martin Luther King Jr was jailed and he still made a change. That just shows you that they can’t shut you up. In Hong Kong, three young student activists were throw in jail for protesting. Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow and Ivan Lam each will serve between 10-13 months in prison for trying to make a change. They were leading protests for democracy so that there be a change in that country. This isn’t the first time you are hearing this because Hong Kong has been protesting for a while now. It’s just heartbreaking that they are silencing the younger people because they see them as a threat. The one thing China will do is try to get rid of anyone who wants to change a law. They are no better than North Korea.

Hong Kong has an anti government protest law which is crazy because that just shows you how much control they want. Along with all the cameras and spying, that place is hell. You can’t do anything without anyone else knowing your business. No wonder they have so many protest. They have their rights restrained and they want to be free. They deserve it, as is anyone else who is human. Life shouldn’t be like this. You shouldn’t have to fight for freedom but because you have such power hungry people, you have to fight. They think by jailing all the activist and leaders that it will put an end the protests but they are wrong. You are fueling the tanks of others. If you look at the protests around the world, they are ran by the younger generations. Young people are stepping up and learning from the ancestors that you can’t be silent because it gets you nothing. Everything we live for is worth fighting for if they want to take it from us.

Agnes Chow who turned 24 years old in jail was named “goddess of democracy” in Japan. Wow, that says something right there. You have a young woman who was really making changes. Neither one of those three deserved jailed time for speaking the truth. She is also no stranger to the press as well. Agnes Chow has been doing this since before 2014 when she started the “umbrella movement” to allow free voting for the leaders. It din’t work but she made a name for herself and was all over the magazines because it was 79 day movement. As you see, this country has problems and those people are not free. You have people who are willing to risk their lives for a change. What does that say?

Ever since protesting started there, there has also been violent eruption of police violence due to protesting. They are physically violent which is not ok. I just don’t understand anything about that country. They want to be the best but they are actually next to North Korea as one of the worse countries. At the same time, it is a communist country so I am not surprised. Who chooses for a country to become a communist party? Their government wants total control but the citizens want to be free. Wow, no wonder they have protest. I would also fight for freedom. All of these countries to need to realize that times are changing and that they need to get in with the new times rather than staying in the back. If you are not willing to change, are you really moving forward? In Hong Kong, 10,000 people were arrested for protesting last year. Yes, that is a lot of people but it also shows you that they would risk their lives for it.

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